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The Spring 2000 QCWA meeting is being planned for Oahu on April 22. A site is still in the works, and there is talk of a visit to the Missouri after the meeting.

Dean Manley, KH6B, has received in the mail a certificate saying HI QCWA Chapter 194 was FIRST PLACE for Hawaii in the 1999 Milliwatt Field Day. The Big Island folks used the QCWA call sign KH6AN last June for the event.

The Fall 1999 Chapter Meeting

The Fall 1999 QCWA meeting was held in Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii, on Saturday, October 16, 1999, at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel.

After lunch the group was been invited to tour Harry's [KH6FKG] shack. Harry has worked them all. His antenna system is remarkably flexible and efficient.

Agenda items included:

  1. Opening ceremony and remarks by President
  2. Minutes from last meeting
  3. Treasurer's report
  4. Guest Speaker
  5. By-laws discussion
  6. Election of Officers, including nominations from the floor
  7. Any new business
  8. Adjournment and hele-on to KH6FKG's (Harry) and WH6AG's (Sue) radio shack

Regarding election of officers; the nominating committee recommends the following slate:

Dayton Hamvention Announces 1999 Award Winners

[Note: Paul Lieb is an active member of QCWA Chapter 194]

Special Achievement Award winner Paul D. Lieb, KH6HME, of Hilo, Hawaii, was cited for "his pioneering and record-setting work in tropospheric ducting and VHF, UHF and microwave communications."

Paul Lieb is an ARRL life member. The award winners were announced March 1. The awards will be presented at the 1999 Dayton Hamvention banquet May 15.--Dayton Hamvention

The (Early) Spring 1999 Chapter Meeting

by Chapter President Jim Reid

We had a nice Hawaii Chapter 194 QCWA meeting in Waimea, on Saturday 27 February 1999 on the Big Isle. Unfortunately, there seemed to be no members there from Oahu, at least none who identified themselves as such.

BI Hamfest a Big Success

Forty-eight signed in for the BI's Hamfest. We had 14 at the "informal" QCWA dinner eat-together on Saturday night at the Parker Ranch Grill -- super steaks! Several of the Hilo area QCWA folks were not able to stay for the dinner, but we had a nice time along with those who could.

John Buck and Clarence Smith agreed to serve as the nominating committee for an officer slate to be presented and voted upon at the Maui meeting. Anyone having suggestion/ideas about officers for the 2000 through 2001 two-year officer terms beginning next January 1st, please contact one of them.

73's, Jim, KH7M

New Hawaii QCWA Club Call

K H 6 L G

The FCC has issued KH6LG as a club call to the Hawaii Chapter of the QCWA (Chapter 194) with KH7M (Jim Reid) as call trustee. The callsign was originally owned by Kauai Ham, Jack C. Wada of Lihue. It was reassigned on 13 November 1998 as the club callsign for the Hawaii Chapter.

The following information is from the new trustee, Jim Reid:

I sent the papers in, along with Jack's Certificate of Death, and the note from his widow giving us permission to apply, around Oct. 10th or so. I assumed it would take a couple of months since KH6LG (Jack liked to use the phonetic Lovely Girls, hi) was still "on the books" as assigned to Jack. They can work pretty fast sometimes I guess.

A favorite story Jack liked to tell was how he got chased off the air on Sunday morning Dec. 7th, 1941! He was running a Q with someone on AM phone, when a breaker came on and told him to QRT. He asked why, and was told Pearl Harbor was being bombed. Jack went outside, and looked over toward Oahu, and sure enough, lots of coal black smoke high in the air, even visible over here some 120 miles NW of Pearl! So he pulled the plug. Later the Signal Corp/National Guard came and took all of his rig hardware "for the war effort". Jack never saw it again, but he heard it had been shipped on south into the Pacific somewhere. Around 1952 or so, he at finally got a check for $800 from Uncle Sam in compensation for their use of his rig and amp, which was a full AM "gallon".

He was a good friend of Katashi Nose, KH6IJ who was teaching High School in Lihue at the time! Even before WWII, Nose was into CW contesting, but Jack seemed more of a phone type of guy. He might have been a bit intimidated by Nose's CW skill: very, very high speed CW op, easily reading calls at 60+ wpm, and always sent around or above 40 wpm!! Nose was a very early inductee into the Contesting Hall of fame because of his contest skills and willingness to pass our KH6 during the 'tests.

Nose's daughter now has his call over in Honolulu (Another of Brad Wyatt's efforts on behalf of Nose!). Jack's sons still operate Jack Wada Electronics in Lihue, now a stereo/TV type business.

We will use it only for special QCWA activities, as it is assigned to our QCWA chapter.

73, Jim, KH7M
On the Garden Island of Kauai

First Ever Oahu QCWA Meeting

by Chapter President Jim Reid

Aloha from the Garden Island of Kauai:

We had an excellent response and turn out for our first ever QCWA Chapter 194 meeting on Oahu. Eighteen folks were at the Pagoda upstairs restaurant Friday night, October 16th, for our informal "pupu" time, followed by a wonderful buffet dinner. Much too much was eaten by all.

Saturday morning twenty-three eventually arrived at the Columbia Inn for breakfast, eyeball QSO's and a fine Chapter meeting. Not everyone was presently a member of the Hawaii Chapter, some were only National Members, and a few were members of various mainland chapters at this time.

(Some attending were not yet licensed for the necessary period for membership, but we welcomed them anyway to our good time together).

Two specific items of discussion occupied the more "formal" part of our meeting: the future of amateur radio on the USS Missouri, BB63; and the possibility of the Hawaii QCWA Chapter hosting a future National Convention of the QCWA in Hawaii.

John Peters, K1ER, seemed most knowledgeable about the Big Mo situation. He reported that the US Navy League has donated two complete ham stations, details not yet available, to be placed in the "public area" of the ship. These to be used by visitors to the ship who have in their possession a copy of their amateur license. These stations might get set up later in 1999. Following these, attention will turn to refurbishing the main radio room of the Missouri with W.W.II/Korean era equipment as in the active years for the Missouri. Whether this equipment will actually operate, is another topic for the future.

In any case, a separate USS Missouri Radio Club of some sort will be organized to oversee/monitor/maintain, and be responsible for these projects. We would like to hear from any RO's from the Big Mo, during any of it's periods of active duty.

As to the possibility of hosting a National Convention of QCWA in Hawaii, after much discussion it was decided to await the coming report from the Palm Desert organizers of the just completed QCWA National there. They were going to ask for a show of hands about interest in coming to such in Hawaii. However, they had trouble with attendance, fewer than 100 were expected, don't know yet the actual attendance.

Also, two years ago, the 50th Anniversary Convention in Kansas City, left that QCWA chapter with a $6000 debt!! With that info, we decided to back off for now from this idea. One thought floated was the possible combination of an annual ARRL Convention with the QCWA out here in Hawaii, maybe in 2005. This thought came up when it was pointed out that the ARRL and Dayton Hamventions were combining forces in 2000.

Maybe we could get the Old, Old Timers to participate also in 2005 (that is, those of us who survive that long, hi!).

Following our time at the Columbia Inn, several of us caravan'd around Oahu to Waimea Bay, and drove on up to the "high" country to the Pacific Super Station, KH7R, for a tour by owner Ken Hoppe, KH7R himself. All I can say is Wow!! Six towers, with three monobanders on each, as I recall; e.g. eight elements on each of 15 and 10, again, that is what I believe I counted!

The Multi/Multi contesting room is just an amazing place, and was a beehive of activity that Saturday afternoon in preparation for the CQWW SSB test to be held the following weekend, 23,24, and 25 of October, Hawaii Standard Time.

We were very appreciative of Ken's hosting us up there at that time of intense contest preparation activity, but he took the time to answer every question asked from our group. Thank you again Ken!!

The next Hawaii Chapter meeting will probably be held in the Hilo area next March or April. Would like to see a QTH crawl/tour of some of the Chapter member stations in the Pahoa and Puna areas of the Big Island. The Chapter visited Sam's place, KH6AFS, North of Hilo a couple years ago, so would like to go South from Hilo next time, if possible. Stand by for more info in the not too distant future. We'll see if any one down there can rival Sam's big V-beam and antenna farm North of Hilo, hi!!

Lee Wical suggested holding a meeting sometime over on Maui to get some of the group over there interested/active.

Mahalo and 73,
Jim, KH7M
President, Hawaii Chapter 194 QCWA
Monday, 26 Oct 1998

1998 Oahu QCWA Annual Meeting

From: Jim Reid
Subject: Oahu QCWA Get Together
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 06:59:05 -1000

Seems we have at last come to a firm decision about the Saturday, October 24th meeting at the Columbia Inn in Honolulu.

We have a reservation at the Columbia Inn from 9:00 AM until 11:30 AM HST. That will allow all the OT's of Oahu interested in QCWA the opportunity to come and check us out, pick up, or fill out applications, eyeball QSO etc at the early mid-morning hour which they seem accustomed to coming to the Columbia. That also will give those who want to drive over to KH7R the entire afternoon to do so, yet be back to Honolulu airport to turn in rental cars by later in the afternoon.

Some of us coming from the other islands are planning to stay at the Pagoda a few blocks from the Columbia. We also are planning an informal get together at the Pagoda's "Floating Restaurant" on Friday evening. This has been greatly recommended by several of the guys as a great place. If there are 12 or more of us there, under- stand they can put us out on our own "floating" open air dining area on the lake.

Those who want use rental cars, can then come over to Oahu later Friday afternoon, and still get them turned back in on Sat. afternoon, before they might have to pay for added hours to return from KH7R. Unless of course, they wanted to stay on to Sunday.

Of course, any of the gang from Oahu who might want to join us at the restaurant Friday evening would be more than welcome. Looking forward to a fun time, and a chance to add to the membership of the Hawaii QCWA 194 chapter.

We have, as usual, little business to transact, so will be mostly a good visit time for those of us chatting nearly daily via radio, and to get to know new folks! Hope to see you there.

73, Jim, KH7M
On The Garden Island of Kauai

QCWA 1998 Annual Meeting on Kauai

The Hawaii Chapter of the Quarter Century Wireless Assocation held its annual eyeball meeting at the home of Jim Reid, KH7M, on April 4th, 1998. The day long meeting on the island of Kauai featured some show and tell items, a chance to check out Jim's station which is heard frequently as net control for the 40 meter SSB Hawaii Afternoon Net, and a chance to chat face to face with the dozen or so other members present.

Fred, KH6BI, took the opportunity to collect "mug shots" of members present, each holding up one of their QSL cards to add to the "getting booked" visual impact of each shot. Several new members were signed up in both the national organization and the Hawaii chapter. A fine lunch was shared by all.

There was an hour-long business meeting which discussed, among other things, the possibility of holding a national QCWA convention in Hawaii and the establishment of a chapter web page. There was the usual formal business such as the reading of the treasurer's report and minutes approval. The meeting was held on Jim's large screened back room with excellent trade winds to keep everyone cool, and holding onto their notes.

Afterwards we had an opportunity to see Jim's huge V-beam antennas. Everyone adjourned to the upper deck to check out these 600 foot runs off into the gourge behind Jim's house and across to the other side.

Downstairs we were treated to a concert on the full-size cathedral organ, one of Jim's other hobbies. This organ is an amazing piece of work with banks of amplifiers and dozens of speakers, filling up one entire side of the living room. It can really "rock the world" when Jim leans on it, since it was designed for a large church!

Jim was also showing off his new FISTS membership certificate. He is only about the third Hawaii FISTS member, and AH7R assured him he would be popular, since he has an Email address. Lots of people are working on FISTS WAS award and Hawaii is a rare state. FISTS is a club which began in England to promote high quality CW operation. Their moto is "Accuracy Transcends Speed."

We were able to meet Jim's amazing 180-pound black dog, fortunately rather mellow of disposition, and the equally amazing giant economy size cat. Plus we got to meet someone we have all heard on the afternoon net, Jim's bird, with a signal that will slice through most QRM easily enough when the bird really wants to be noticed. If he learns to scream "KH7M", he could be useful in cracking pileups in phone contests.

The meeting started to break up about the time of the Hawaii Afternoon Net, with the members from the Big Island leaving first since they had reasonably long flights and connections in Honolulu. Some of the Oahu members stayed around to take Jim out to diner at a popular beach spot in Old Kaloa Town before heading back home.

Diner concluded with a walk on the beach at sunset and an additional drive through the Kauai countryside.

The next chapter meeting will probably be on Oahu next Fall. A number of possible field trips have been suggested, and Oahu members are looking into them.

Other Activities of Chapter 194 Members

Big Island QCWA members are joining with HI-QRP to promote the hobby of Amateur Radio and preparedness with a joint ARRL Field Day operation on Hawaii this summer. Member AH7R will be setting up another QRP ARRL Field Day site near the Koolau Ham Club Field Day operation on Oahu in grid BL11. There is a fair amount of overlap between Hawaii Chapter 194 QCWA members and local QRP operators, and those interested in emergency communication service. One Hawaii QCWA member, Dean Manley, KH6B, is the founder of the HI-QRP club. A very well known VHF DX'er, is also included in the local QCWA membership list, in addition to the list of VHF/UHF worldwide distance records.

The QCWA National Organization

The Quarter Century Wireless Association was organized to Promote friendship and cooperation among Amateur Radio operators who were licensed at least a quarter century ago. QCWA was founded in 1947.

There are presently more than 10,000 active members of QCWA. There are 154 active QCWA Chapters in the United States. The Chapters are self-governing, making an annual report to the National organization. Jim Walsh, W7LVN, is the QCWA General Manager.

One of the major projects of the QCWA is a scholarship fund. This fund started with a beginning balance of $500 in 1978. In Spring of 1997, it had a balance in excess of $200,000. Between 1979 and 1997 this fund distributed 152 cash grants to students totaling #108,300. By the end of 1997 the balance was $224,000. The QCWA Memorial Scholarship Fund is dedicated to the memory of the Silent Key QCWA members.

Besides eyeball meetings, many QCWA chapters hold on-the-air chapter meetings. The main national QCWA nets are on Sunday afternoon at 2000Z on 14.347 Mhz. A CW net is held each Wednesday 8 p.m. Eastern Time on 7.035 Mhz. Each year the QCWA holds two large on-the-air QSO parties.

Chapter 193 is in Texoma, Texas. Chapter 195 is The Sun City Center Chapter, in Florida. Their address is listed as the "Sin City Center", probably a misprint... There are 201 chapters registered world wide.

Qualifications for QCWA Membership

If you now have a valid amateur radio license, and you were also licensed as a ham 25 years or more ago, you are eligible to join QCWA. It is not necessary that you have been continuously licensed during this twenty-five year period.

If you are not absolutely sure when you were first licensed, and do not have a copy of one of your old licenses, you may ask the QCWA HQ for help. They have nearly all of the past years' Callbooks, and can verify the year when you were first listed.

QCWA HF Nets in the Western United States

                     Regional Nets

 	NAME                   DAY   TIME  NC     FREQ
     SO CALIF CW               SUN   1100L W6WHM  3695 
     QCWA SSB                  SUN   2000Z varies 14347
     QCWA CW                   WED   2000E varies 7035

             West Coast QCWA Chapter Nets

NUM	NAME                   DAY   TIME  NC     FREQ
4    NORTHWEST CHAPTER         SUN   2300z KF7P   3952
4    NORTHWEST CHAPTER         SUN   1630L W7PN   3655
4    NORTHWEST CHAPTER         SUN   200ZL W7PN   3952
7    SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA       SUN   1100L W6LPJ  3917
11   NORTHERN CALIFORNIA       SUN   0930L WA6AFT 3907
16   ARIZONA CHAPTER           SUN   0630L W7ER   3890
58   COLORADO CHAPTER          SUN   0900L W9KRE  3905
126  PIEDMONT CHAPTER          SUN   0845L VARIES 3935
160  UTAH CHAPTER              SAT   1100L VARIES 7272
194  HAWAII CHAPTER            1st S 1500L VARIES 7088

Here are the web pages of the QCWA National Organization, of which Hawaii is a chapter:

Quarter Century Wireless Association

Old Man Logo

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