Other Great Ham Clubs Around Hawaii, the World and Mainland

Additional Hawaii Ham Radio Pages:

The Koolau Ham Club is a great group on the Windward side of Oahu. For many years they sponsored regular Ham License testing at Windward Community College, faithfully showing up the morning of each third Saturday of each month. Many Oahu Hams are "graduates" of their testing sessions at WCC, now sadly, discontinued, the FCC testing that is, not the "graduates":

The Koolau Ham Club (KARC)

The Moloka'i ARC is our friendly island neighbor to the East of Oahu sharing grid BL11 with us:

Moloka'i Ham Radio Club

The Oahu RACES is one of the primary emergency communications teams on Oahu:


The Kauai ARC is our neighbor to the West. Yet another KARC! This site has interesting information about Ham licenses in Japan as well as information on a famous and widely used Morse code training program:

The Kauai Amateur Radio Club (KARC)

Greg has some great information about QRP operation in Hawaii and use of satellites from the Hawaiian islands:

WB6FZH/KH6-Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HAWAII

Ron has lots of great information on emergency operations and the special challenge of HF operation from Hawaii:

Amateur Radio in Hawaii by Ron Hashiro

More Ham Radio Links by Ron Hashiro

Emergency Ham Radio Communication Links from Ron


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This club, ARS, specializes in mixing Ham Radio with outdoor actvities of all types, especially QRP or low power operation, battery operation and portable. They sponsor many unique contests oriented towards getting people outdoors with their radios. Ham goes great with cookouts.

Adventure Radio Society

This is the web page of the Pacific Section of the ARRL which includes Hawaii:

The ARRL Pacific Section Web Page


The Grandaddy US Ham Club, the ARRL itself. This page has most of the current ARRL information on it, such as contests, contest forms and rules. There is a large archive of Ham radio information as well as information about the ARRL itself, including Email contact addresses for the people responsible for the various divisions of the American Radio Relay League:

ARRLWeb: ARRL's Home Page

International Amateur Radio Union

The largest QRP club, and the best known is the Northern California QRP Club. Well known for the design of QRP equipment which they offer for sale in excellent kits:

QRP The NorCal QRP Low Power Amateur Radio Club

The Salvation Army emergency radio service, SATERN. People who have never seen the Salvation Army in action at a genuine disaster site, may only think of the army as funny people in dull uniforms who ring bells over kettles at Christmas time. This is very far from the truth. The Salvation Army is one of the premier disaster response teams:


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