Moloka'i Amateur Radio Association

Sahoni Redbird, WH6QD, sends along this information on the Ham radio club on our neighbor island in grid BL11:

Moloka'i Amateur Radio Association Officers


Business meetings are quarterly, with no set plans, but we will meet for breakfast probably monthly.

Our club has a regular net on Wednesday nites at 8 PM HST on our local repeater at 145.370- I am out here on Maunaloa which is on the far West side of our island. I am not even able to get to our own repeater most of the time, but can get on with O'ahu. Many of the others can get on the 147.02 repeater for the Statewide Net on Monday nites but not many participate. I can get on through the 147.06 repeater and sometimes check in with the 146.88 Diamondhead repeater nightly net.

There hasn't been much activity over here lately, but we just got a new slate of officers and are hoping things will improve this year. We have several members who are members also of ARES and MARS and would like to be in RACES.

I am the island Emergency Coordinator for ARES but haven't done much this year either. Don't have a clue what is happening with the MARS because it seems like nothing is at this point. And we HAVE no RACES here. There are also several of us who are Skywarn members. So we'll see how it goes this year. Hopefully it will improve. It's been a very slack year. We used to enjoy meeting together on Saturday mornings for breakfast but that has not been happening recently.

I will gather up some more things for the page as time goes on, perhaps even some photos if that's possible.

Note: Moloka'i is in Maui County. One part of the island is now the sixth Maui County Judicial District. It once was Kalawao County, and included the peninsula of Kalaupapa. It has an interesting history since it was administered by the Department of Health. Kalawao is still considered to be the fifth county of Hawaii by county hunters, and much sought after by hams that collect US Counties as one of the rarest US counties. A group is planning a "Dxepedition" to put this "county" on the air in summer of 1998.

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