Pacific IOTA Numbers

IOTA Designation for The Hawaiian Islands

IOTA stands for Islands On The Air. Many people collect islands the same way others search QSO's with counties, or countries etc. All of the Hawaiian Islands are the same IOTA designator OC019. Here are some other Pacific Island designators:


OC009	KC6 - Palau		OC010	V63 - Pohnpei
OC011	V63 - Truk		OC012	V63 - Yap
OC013	ZK1 - Rarotonga	 	OC014	ZK1 - Manihiki
OC015	T2 - Tuvalu	 	OC016	3D2 - Vanua/Viti Lev
OC017	T30 - Gilbert		OC018	T30 - Banaba
OC019	KH6 - Hawaiian	 	OC020	KH7K - Kure
OC021	YB - Java	 	OC022	YB9 - Bali
OC023	KH3 - Johnston		OC024	T32 - Christmas
OC025	P2 - Admiralty		OC026	KH2 - Guam
OC027	FO - Marquesas	 	OC028	V73 - Ralik
OC029	V73 - Ratak		OC030	KH4 - Midway
OC031	C2 - Nauru		OC032	FK - New Caledonia
OC033	FK - Loyalty		OC034	YB/P2 - New Guinea
OC035	YJ - New Hebrides	OC036	ZL1/2 - North Island
OC037	ZL9 - Campbell		OC038	ZL7 - Chatham
OC039	ZL8 - Kermadec		OC040	ZK2 - Niue
OC041	P2 - Ninigo	 	OC042	DU1/4 - Luzon
OC043	T31 - Phoenix		OC044	VR6 - Pitcairn
OC045	KH8 - Tutuila		OC046	FO - Windward
OC047	H4 - Solomon	 	OC048	ZK3 - Tokelau
OC049	A3 - Tongatapu		OC050	FO - Ruruta
OC051	FO - Rapa		OC052	FO - Duke/Gloucester
OC053	KH9 - Wake		OC054	FW - Wallis
OC055	KH6 - Fren. Frigate	OC056	VR6 - Henderson

Good Maps of the Pacific Island Groups

There are at least two excellent maps of the South Pacific Islands. First is Reference Map of Oceania, Cartography by James A. Bier, Published by the University of Hawaii Press.

The other is a small map used for the Class Antro 350 entitled The Pacific Islands, published by the Hawaii Geographic Society. It is particularly strong on geopolitical detail.

Both of these maps are available in the UH Book Store on the UHM Campus.

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