Chemistry 161 Assessment Exams Page

This is the sign-in page for the Chem 161 Assessment Exams

There are several exams that can be accessed from this page. For Chem 161 please make sure that you are selecting the correct exam for the term in which you plan to take this course.

You will first need to enter your name and Student ID Number. If this is successful you will be redirected to the assessment exam where you can begin to take the test.

Upon completion of the test you will be presented with your score and notified if you passed the exam or not.

These are the sign-in pages for the Chem 161 Assessment Exams. Please chose the exam for the term in which you wish to take the course.

Exam Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Please contact the UH Manoa KOKUA Program (Office for Students with Disabilities) by calling (808) 956-7511 or emailing to arrange for accommodations for this exam. New students will need to go through KOKUA's intake process.